PyWebhooks - A Webhooks Service

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A simple webhooks service, minimal features, minimal security, proof of concept

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Note: PyWebhooks is ideally deployed on an internal private cloud/network where you know and trust the end users and services using it. It should not be considered secure enough (currently) to be a publicly deployed service.

Don't like something? Need a feature? Please submit a pull request complete with tests and an update to the readme if required.

In order to run PyWebhooks you'll need to have RethinkDB and Redis installed on a server or server(s). RethinkDB is used to store the account, webooks, etc. data. Redis is used by Celery to handle the calls to the webhook endpoints.

Quick Start Docker Compose: To get started quickly, see the instructions in the project readme.

Note: PyWebhooks has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and OS X. PyWebhooks has been tested with Python 3.6 and Python 3.4. 2.x support is not planned.

Why PyWebhooks?

I looked all over for a project that did something similar to this. You can find lots of code to listen for webhooks as well as some code for sending webhooks but I couldn't find anything that wrapped it into a complete package where you could run a server to allow for adding new accounts, letting those users create their own webhooks and then allow others to listen (subscribe) to those webhooks.

Apache 2 Licensed